Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mission statement

Before I jump head first into my first "real" post, I thought it would be good to describe the purpose of this blog. In approximate order of importance, are

  • Commentary on the continuing development of ProPokerTools, my web-based poker application suite
  • Examples of how to use ProPokerTools in a blog
  • Random commentary.
That's pretty much it. Hope you enjoy it!


At 10:52 AM, Blogger frenchfun said...

Hi and thanks for the very good job you have done. I use propokertools when i analyse after-match some tricky situations that occured. With your new program, there may be a mistake that appears only on internet explorer 7. It seems to be a well-known mistake that doesn't affect other IE or other browsers
Hereafter a french URL giving an example of that problem with the correction. It seems that a comma has been let at the end of a declaration. One impact of this problem : when i click on "more hands" it doesn't work. Before that, the downloading or the url says there is a problem


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